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Non-Classified Staff and Faculty Jobs
Job Title Location Date Posted Keyword or ReqID
Academic Advisor, College of Technology (7506) Pocatello - Main 5/2/2017 req480
Accountant/Analyst, Student Financial Services (1312) Pocatello - Main 4/21/2017 req478
Admissions Advisor, Admissions Visitor Center (1242)(3672) Pocatello - Main 5/1/2017 req481
Application Analyst, Information Technology Services (1068) Pocatello - Main 6/21/2017 req511
Applied Visualization Researcher (3111) Idaho Falls 2/10/2017 req457
Assistant Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education, Physical Therapy (1870) Meridian Health Science Center 11/7/2016 req428
Assistant Athletic Trainer (1376) Pocatello - Main 6/21/2017 req517
Assistant Clinical Professor, Physical Therapy (3517) Pocatello - Main 6/14/2017 req508
Assistant Dean, School of Nursing (3748) Pocatello - Main 4/7/2017 req465
Assistant Director, Early College Program (1913) Pocatello - Main 5/15/2017 req496
Assistant Professor of Health Physics, College of Science and Engineering (3076) Pocatello - Main 8/11/2016 req397
Assistant Professor, Dance (3338) Pocatello - Main 6/14/2017 req510
Assistant Professor, Health Outcomes and Quality (3622) Pocatello - Main 5/1/2017 req482
Assistant Professor, Statistics (7599) Pocatello - Main 3/30/2016 req327
Assistant/Associate Professor of Health Informatics (3365) (8126) Pocatello - Main 4/12/2017 req473
Assistant/Associate Professor, Computer Science (3058) Pocatello - Main 5/12/2017 req490
Assistant/Associate Professor, Dental Hygiene (3641) Pocatello - Main 2/21/2017 req459
Assistant/Associate Professor, Dietetics (3985) Pocatello - Main 5/15/2017 req494
Assistant/Associate Professor, Physical and Occupational Therapy (1871) Meridian Health Science Center 5/12/2017 req492
Assistant/Associate Professor, Speech-Language Pathology (3654) Meridian/Boise 10/10/2016 req423
Assistant/Associate/Full Professor, Nuclear Engineering & Health Physics (1160) Idaho Falls 12/11/2014 req112
Assistive & Instructional Technology Coordinator (2185) Pocatello - Main 2/2/2017 req448
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Accreditation (7177) Meridian/Boise 2/6/2017 req446
Associate Director for Graduate School Operations (1241) Pocatello - Main 2/10/2017 req449
Associate Vice President of Health Sciences (1257) Meridian/Boise 2/28/2017 req462
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Classified Staff Jobs

The Idaho Division of Human Resources is accepting applications for the following job classifications. If you are interested in being considered for employment in any of these classifications at Idaho State University, click the title and complete an application and exam through the State of Idaho website.

Last Updated: 06/22/2017
Job Title Department Location Closing Date
Administrative Assistant 1
All State Agencies Statewide 06/29/2017
Administrative Assistant 2
All State Agencies Statewide 06/29/2017
All State Agencies Statewide 06/29/2017
Customer Service Representative 1
All State Agencies Statewide 06/29/2017
Customer Service Representative 2
All State Agencies Statewide 06/29/2017
HVAC Specialist
Facilities Services
Mechanical Systems Supervisor
Facilities Services
Office Specialist 2
All State Agencies Statewide 06/29/2017
Technical Records Specialist 1
All State Agencies Statewide 06/29/2017
Technical Records Specialist 2
All State Agencies Statewide 06/29/2017

Current Hiring Lists

ISU is currently reviewing the following hiring lists to fill immediate vacancies on campus. These positions are currently closed to applicants. You must already be on an existing hiring list with a valid test score or hold permanent status in any of the following classification to be considered. Please call Human Resources at 282-4828 to obtain further information.

Job Title Department Location
 Administrative Assistant 1Admissions
Administrative Assistant 1 College of Education
Administrative Assistant 1Dental Hygiene
Administrative Assistant 1 Disability Services
Administrative Assistant 1
 Office Specialist 2
PA Studies
 Technical Records Specialist 1
Office of the Registrar


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